Just another cheeky update for the Doom Eagles who have been getting a lot of love but no Wurmwood time. (probably some army pics on the way)
The idea was to be paint the space marines I had collected over the past few years into one army, so being the lazy bugger I am I chose silver! Nothing is more GrimDark than the Doom Eagles!
Anyway I tried to work out what scheme the command squad would have and being an ultramarine au chapter I tried to follow the codex astartes when painting them, the command squad should all be veterans with the red helmets and painted designs on them, except the company champion who has a gold helmet and the apothecary who got white, I havnt worked out what colour should go on the shoulder pads, whether it be red or black, maybe you can help?

Also visible here is my current HQ choice, everyone goes straight to running a chapter master on their lists but as I am slowly fluffing out my army I decided I would go with just a captain (just haha), who happens to be using the Primarchs Wrath Bolter, so also visible is Captain Iscariot of the 3rd company.






Painting a small Legion of the Damned for my own personal Doom Eagles, rather fitting I think fluff wise.
Here’s where it’s headed so far.


Finished another commission today.







So here was a bit of fun for myself recently; Tackling the truescale idea thats ever floating around on Forums!
Honestly I cant really take credit for being original, I stole most of the conversion ideas from the following site.

Brilliant stuff has been posted here!

Anyway, When it came time to make him mine I used some of the parts from the new Centurian models (which arent as horrible as GW like to present them, amazing kit and sprues)
and utilized all manor of parts from the mighty space marine bitz box ive got going.
here is the model prepped for painting after some extensive Greenstuff work and kitbashing.








Anyway nearly finished and ready to give to my brother, here is track of the day;

Back to a fresh start for the year, sorry about the slow painting rate, this is soon to be amended!
Basically the heat wave and being busy with life has had me painting rarely and never updating this site.

Going forward I ran another successful painting day with around 8-10 people showing up through the day to learn a few techniques and just have a laugh whilst painting.
This Ork Nob I scored from a good friend and now privateer press ganger Reece!!
He’s a bro.

Anyway, He ended up giving me what was left of his Assault on Black Reach box, and I wanted to try some paint chipping and yellows.
Bad Moonz have always been such a striking force so I figured id paint him this way.
No Airbrush used and he was primed blue.

Also my first time using this new sucka;
Citadel Paint

For a quick guide check out




I love Infinity, and I was absolutely blessed when I saw that the Morats had an army in a box release!
I’ve always loved what I have seen and read about these guys and finally they had a reboot on the sculpts and a box to celebrate, so this is the first of many to come.

Ive also been studying and his Airbush techniques, the man is a wizard and definitely the best painter ive seen.

So after spending some time analyzing his work I’ve given my take on the Morat Sogarag Tempest.
Look at the size of that feuerbach!

These small, lightweight projectiles have a quick loading and boosting mechanism which provides a rapid rate of fire. In exchange for this, the Feuerbach sacrifices range and destructive capacity compared to other Anti-Tank weapons, which tend to be more powerful but slower. However, the advantages of a faster rate of fire are evident, and the main reason for its success in military circles, where there only are positive comments about the weapon.

The Feuerbach is patented by FGA (Franco-Germanique Armements) and licensed to producers in different countries. Those brands commercialize the original patent with modifications to the optical and firing systems. Although, officially, its denomination derives from its rate of fire and destructive capacity, it is rumoured that the real origin of the names comes from the fondness of its designer for German philosophers of the Nineteenth century.

I may go into detail on how I created the lighting effects but I should also take some different pictures as for some reason these images have a blue hue to them.





Man the idea of building a table seems so daunting but looks like so much fun. The first thing that really comes to mind is logistics and cost when I am building one, then comes all those creative juices start flowing.

MDF 6MM thick is the way to go, and Bunnings you can get them cut for a mere $9AUD a 4x2Ft sheet, which cost wise is brilliant, I’ve had mine cut in half as I wanted a practice at creating a table, most of it was different grains of sand and wood glue, then using GW hardcoat as a final primer.
I haven’t finished painting it yet but here is a work in progress.


Space marines: Doom Eagles.

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So I’ve been bitten by the 40k bug again and taken out all my old space marines and given them the business.
I got some great second hand minis of a mate Reece which was enough to fluff the army out with some more tactical marines and a dreadnought.
I went for a simple scheme because I have a lot of models to paint. Most of this has been painted in batch sittings which I am proud of my current speed. 10 tacticals in 3hrs.








it’s the season to be lazy.

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Sorry about the lack of updates, the paint has been flying thick and thin but there hasn’t been an overcast day to photograph. Plus I’ve lost my brilliant sheet to take photos against so I’ll make a new one but this time out of material for dat infinity curve.
Here’s something I’ve been working on for a friend in the mean time.


Skorne: sUm updates

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Hi there, lots of stuff coming in this space, need some good photography weather and to spend some time at the painting desk, I have an archidon, and some Paingiver Bloodrunners on there way. Here is my finished Cyclops Savage and one of my ‘Counts as’ Nihilators.